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We are capable of serving the individual, as well as businesses and corporations wishing to enhance their Wellness Programs to provide quality health prevention data to all employees.

What I Do

My first objective is to communicate with the patient/client to find out what the healthcare issue truly is, in order to focus the examination.

Perform the appropriate battery of tests to provide the most accurate diagnosis.

I educate my patients on their results and cover the plan of action and our roles in this endeavor. Together we design wellness program for preventive purposes.

I schedule follow-up sessions to determine how the prescribed therapy is going. We review what changes need to be made to better get to goal.

Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe

Most stuffed peppers are made because there's leftover rice around, but not this one! Steamed cauliflower is used in place of rice, just to add yet another veggie. You can adjust this recipe in lots of different places: the herbs, the meat to use, the vegetables, etc. Give these beautiful stuffed peppers a try with a side salad, and make it an awesome dinner date! Check TWMC Blogs for FULL recipe.

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“I Don’t Have Time for That!” …But you SHOULD

Currently, with everyone being busy, planning in advance can help all of us become more successful at staying on track with our health.  A few hours on the weekend can make a major difference in the ability to eat healthy during the week.  To make it easy for us to eat healthy meals at home, […]


Between the Sheets

If you are serious about your body, optimum health begins between the sheets… Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining optimal metabolism, supporting normal endocrine function and regulating appetite.  Research noted in Psychoneuroendocrinology, suggests that sleep deprivation may sabotage healthy eating efforts, wreak havoc on your metabolism and weight management efforts, and […]


Unsung Nutritional Superheroes

Last week you learned a few tips to keep you healthy and whole this winter season.  Today, the topic is on the tiny unsung heroes that aid in immunity, health support, and disease prevention:  Minerals.  A few of the many things minerals do, are help maintain water balance, aid in hemoglobin (blood) synthesis, regulate nerve […]



Here in Tennessee, as in many other parts of the world, Winter is a time of lower temperatures, seemingly less sunlight, erratic rain, sleet, ice, slurries and snow.  These conditions often bring about health problems related to decreased or suppressed immune systems.  The following are a few tips to help boost your immune system and […]


Ways To Help Yourself

Last week, we spoke on Informational and Professional support, Personal and Family support, Public and Financial support, and Effective communication.  And how as a caregiver, it is just as important to take care of yourself.  This includes caring for your health, your body, and your relationships. Caring for your health & body: You may feel […]


What may help?

As a primary caregiver, know that you are not alone. Other caregivers share similar thoughts and feelings. Talk with someone if your feelings get in the way of daily life. Maybe you have a family member, friend, doctor, counselor, or spiritual leader to talk to.  It’s common to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Like your loved […]


The Burdens of Caregiving, Part 2

Last week, we started the discussion on how caregiving for the ill or elderly can take a toll on the whole family, more specifically the primary caregiver.    In this article, we will complete the review of the five types of burdens that may occur with caregiving.  The three types previously covered included the: Physical […]


The Burdens of Caregiving

Caregiving for the ill or elderly can take a toll on the whole family, more specifically the primary caregiver. A caregiver is the person who supports and helps a person in need of care regularly and continuously, because of personal – not professional – reasons. In this article, we will briefly address three of the […]


Give Me Something I Can Count On!

I know it’s long overdue, but the Doc had to follow the instructions of her own Doc!  But now, let’s look at the improvements to our new label (new label on the right).  The current Nutrition Facts label is more than 20 years old, and to make sure consumers have access to more recent and […]


The FDA is Stepping Up!

On May 20, 2016, the FDA announced the new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods to reflect new scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The new label will make it easier for us as consumers to make better informed food choices. FDA published the […]